12 reasons to explore Sohoton Natural Bridge

2017-01-05 035

“Sohoton is an underlying realm of beauty” some people have said about this wonder and indeed it is but what are the things you need to know and why should you visit Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park?

Exquisitely designed cliffs arrayed along with several cathedral-like caves preserved in a pristine forest famous for its rivers streaming to a natural bridge in Basey, Samar is collectively known as Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park. Located at Brgy. Guirang, Basey Samar, it is a protected area 841 hectares in size.

This realm of tranquility unravels its story through the surroundings – an ideal for adventurers and peace seekers.

Here are several reasons why you should visit Sohoton:

2017-01-05 049.JPGThis is Wespal Visitor’s Center, the so-called first station of the tour. The Sohoton area is quite afar from this station.

1. Experience a 10-minute cruise through a motorboat ride along Basey’s Golden River

2017-01-05 010The area you’ll be passing through offers a lot of scenic views so take photos.

2. Be serenaded by local’s playing waray-waray folk songs in your cottage

3. Take shots of the scenic Panhulugan Cliff

2017-01-05 041.JPG
Wait till your guide tells you why it was named that way.

4. Witness the otherworldly realm of Sohoton and Panhulugan Cave

2017-01-05 014

5. Get to see different formations of rocks and various kinds of minerals as well creatures that dwell inside the cave

2017-01-05 016

6. Play with your imagination

2017-01-05 024This is a spectacular formation made up of calcite.

For vegetarians, it may look like a cauliflower. For nature lovers, it may look like a waterfall. What do you think?

7. Gain knowledge in speleology, geology and even history

2017-01-05 022Learn more not only about the history of Sohoton but anything you need to know about caves! Just like how stalactites and stalagmites differ, how they are made and how do you call a meeting stalactite and a stalagmite.

2017-01-05 028The first activity will enable you to use your minds and gain something from it.

After caving, we had our lunch in our cottage and were still serenaded by the local musicians. We took a 10 minute rest and saved our energies for the second activity – kayaking.

8. Kayak

2017-01-11 007.JPGPaddle your way to the natural bridge. This activity requires a lot of upper body strength which makes it thrilling. You shouldn’t miss this!

9. Behold the pristine environment

2017-01-06 0082017-01-06 007Behold the pristine environment as you paddle your way to the natural bridge.

10. Splash in the cold stream

2017-01-05 030Appreciate the majestic natural bridge from below. Relax yourself from the non-stop paddling and swim. This is by-far the best activity for your final stop.

11. Appreciate the majestic natural bridge from a different angle (optional)

2017-01-05 036If not swimming, you might also want to save your energy for the other option. Get to see this magnificent view from above!

12. Trek above the natural bridge (optional)

2017-01-05 034Either go back to the Sohoton area the hard way (kayak) or the harder way, just ask your guide!

Trek above the natural bridge and take time to admire the surroundings as you head back to the Sohoton area. This isn’t an easy trail, I tell you but this option will make the most out of your budget. I promise!

Are you ready for your Sohoton Adventure?

How to get there?

If you are coming from outside the region, book a flight to Tacloban City’s Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.

Upon arrival at DZR Airport, you may rent a van if you wish on travelling directly to the Basey Tourism Office. [Disclaimer: This option is quite costly for small groups but advisable for groups with minimum of 12 pax]

I would suggest to go for the usual public transport. Its cheaper and it would also allow you to see what is it like in Tacloban City.

  1. From DZR Airport Brgy. San Jose, ride a San Jose jeepney to Savemore (Downtown Area) for P10.00
  2. From Savemore, ride a New Bus Terminal multicab for P8.00
  3. From New Bus Terminal, you may either ride a Basey jeepney for P25.00 or ride an aiconditioned van for P40.00. The drop-off point is the Basey Tourism Office beside the Town Hall and behind St. Michael the Archangel Church.

From the town proper, register at the tourism office. The staff will assist you with regards to your transportation and orient about your transactions upon arrival at Wespal Visitors Center at Brgy. Guirang, Basey, Samar, the onset of the tour.

Transactions and payments are done in Wespal Visitors Center, prior to the Sohoton Natural Bridge Natural Park tour.

For inquiries, contact the Basey Tourism Office 09287459915/09283358783 or email them at tourismbasey@yahoo.com.

What do you need to bring?

MONEY – I’m serious. You’ll need to have at least Php 1000 per head. Its quite expensive, even for locals.

If you wish to pay a visit in the town proper you would also want to bring an extra Php 500 for your pasalubong.

FOOD AND DRINKS – The place is surrounded by forests. Basically, its in complete isolation. It’ll be hard for you to find sari-sari stores around the Wespal area. So I would really suggest to prepare food or buy chips and drinks prior to your Sohoton visit.

You may also make arrangements with Wespal but either way please take the advice.

SWIMWEAR – You’ll need to be drenched for you to completely enjoy the Sohoton activities – kayaking, swimming, etc. You’ll miss out the fun, otherwise.

EXTRA CLOTHES (and undies too)


Other destinations near Sohoton:

  1. Balantak Falls
  2. Buscada Church
  3. St. Michael the Archangel Church

2017-01-08 042.JPG


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